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How to Reinforce Entry Doors

Posted by Endura on 10/25/18 9:51 AM

Most burglars break into a home through one of the entry doors. Why? Because most of the time it’s the easiest way into a home. You’d think it’d be the windows since they’re all glass, but they are messy, dangerous, and a tighter squeeze. Entry doors are, surprisingly, an easy way into a home.

Why is that, you ask, and how can I increase the security of entry doors I install for my clients? Read on. We’ve got you covered.

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How French Doors Elevate a Home

Posted by Endura on 10/22/18 9:53 AM

Let’s face it: while many homeowners love French door systems, contractors typically feel a bit differently. They’re a pain to install. They’re a pain to maintain - whether it’s ripped astragal boot pads, gaps exposing daylight beneath the system, leaks, finicky operation - installing French door units is easier said than done. 

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Introducing: Vinyl-Wrapped FrameSaver Rot-Proof Door Frames

Posted by Endura on 6/7/18 5:55 PM

NEW! Wrapped FrameSaver® Exterior Door Frame Solutions


Endura Products is pleased to announce an exciting new addition to the FrameSaver Rot-Proof Door Frame portfolio with the release of the NEW! Wrapped FrameSaver product line.

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Smart Door Solutions: All About Astragals

Posted by Endura on 5/30/18 1:29 PM

  • As the people building homes and installing door systems, you aim to provide the best quality services and products to your customers, and that means selecting the best hardware for each project. Endura offers seven different astragals with a variety of features to fit every budget and demand. Our portfolio of double door solutions features the following astragal operating styles:
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3 Wood Door Frame Problems Solved with FrameSaver®

Posted by Endura on 5/14/18 8:54 PM


  • Have you seen any of the following problems with wooden door frames before?
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Get Lasting Protection from Frame Rot with FrameSaver®

Posted by Endura on 5/2/18 9:38 AM

Wooden door frames are common to any home, but the water wicking properties of wood can lead to plenty of problems for homeowners, including swelling and shrinking, paint peel, mold and mildew, and frame rot.

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