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Product Spotlight: Ultimate Flip Lever Astragal

Posted by Endura on 9/17/18 9:46 AM


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Astragals A-Z: Choose Wisely

Posted by Endura on 8/29/18 11:15 AM

French doors are a popular addition to new construction homes because they’re classic and beautiful, but most homeowners worry about how finicky and insecure French doors can be. French door astragals can make or break homeowners’ experience with French doors, so it's vital to install them correctly and use the best available. Use the wrong astragal, and homeowners will be faced with subpar security, drafts, and leaks. Protect your customers, your reputation, and your resources by using astragals that are
user-friendly, budget-friendly, and reliable.

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Smart Door Solutions: All About Astragals

Posted by Endura on 5/30/18 1:29 PM

  • As the people building homes and installing door systems, you aim to provide the best quality services and products to your customers, and that means selecting the best hardware for each project. Endura offers seven different astragals with a variety of features to fit every budget and demand. Our portfolio of double door solutions features the following astragal operating styles:
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