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How to Reinforce Entry Doors

Posted by Endura on 10/25/18 9:51 AM

Most burglars break into a home through one of the entry doors. Why? Because most of the time it’s the easiest way into a home. You’d think it’d be the windows since they’re all glass, but they are messy, dangerous, and a tighter squeeze. Entry doors are, surprisingly, an easy way into a home.

Why is that, you ask, and how can I increase the security of entry doors I install for my clients? Read on. We’ve got you covered.

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How French Doors Elevate a Home

Posted by Endura on 10/22/18 9:53 AM

Let’s face it: while many homeowners love French door systems, contractors typically feel a bit differently. They’re a pain to install. They’re a pain to maintain - whether it’s ripped astragal boot pads, gaps exposing daylight beneath the system, leaks, finicky operation - installing French door units is easier said than done. 

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Product Highlight: The VersaPan™ Sloped Sill Pan

Posted by Endura on 10/17/18 9:36 AM

What is the VersaPan™ Sloped Sill Pan?

VersaPan™ is a sloped sill pan that eliminates the extra costs, steps, and labor that result from ineffective sill pans and imperfect installation conditions. By preventing water damage, VersaPan protects your customers, your investments, and your business from wasteful and avoidable service calls.



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Product Highlight: Weathersealing Solutions that Outlast & Outperform

Posted by Endura on 10/4/18 10:15 AM
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The Best Exterior Door Sills for Every Project: Choose Wisely

Posted by Endura on 10/2/18 10:10 AM


Ill-fitting, damaged, and low-quality door sills can undermine an exterior door system’s ability to deflect moisture infiltration, seal gaps, and prevent energy- and comfort-zapping drafts. Installing subpar quality door sills causes these problems and more:
  • - Higher utility bills for homeowners
  • - Damages from moisture and air infiltration
  • - Time-consuming callbacks and unnecessary labor costs for you

Put an end to wasteful processes by investing in the highest quality the industry has to offer. Find the best solutions for your projects from Endura’s selections of door sills and sill systems.


Choose from Endura’s following door sill selection:

  • - Auto-Adjusting Sill Solutions
  • - Adjustable Sill Solutions
  • - ADA Sill Solutions
  • - Outswing Bumper Sills


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How to Build Better Exterior Door Systems with Endura Products

Posted by Endura on 9/27/18 10:02 AM


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